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Financial Services

COVID-19 Testing Cost

  • If you do not meet the Iowa Department of Public Health criteria for COVID-19 testing at the State Hygienic Lab (SHL), the cash price for a COVID-19 test administered upon the direction of your practitioner is $238.00.

Financial Assistance

  • To open our financial assistance policy in a PDF, click here.
  • To open an application for financial assistance in a PDF, click here.
  • To open a plain language summary of our financial assistance program in a PDF, click here.

Options for paying my bill

  • You can pay at the front desk in the hospital
  • You can pay by mail at this address

Price Transparency

  • For more information about services and charges at Iowa Hospitals click here.
  • To see a detailed list of our charges click here.
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At George C. Grape Community Hospital, we understand that healthcare is evolving. Advancements in medicine and strides in technology are providing local communities access to better healthcare. It is our desire to provide the best care in our region. Our staff will be here to help you and your loved ones when the need arises. The comfort and care of our patients is our major goal.

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