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Master Facility Planning Process

November 2, 2011

Mike O'Neal, CEO of George C. Grape Community Hospital announced that the Hospital Board of Directors has voted to move forward with the study and design of a Master Facility Plan for the non-profit hospital located in Hamburg. The study will review a variety of ideas for remodeling and updating the current facility. They will also discuss the cost and options of building a new facility.

The current facility was built in 1968 after an extensive two year fund drive to replace the 40 year old hospital was completed. A donation of $100,000 from George Grape gave the hospital it's name and the stipulated extended care wing which is still part of the services offered. A total of $1.4 million was raised in time to break ground on a modern, one level facility that would meet the new state licensing requirements

The board of Directors, Administrative staff, and Medical Clinic PC have begun meeting to interview architectural firms that specialize in building and remodeling Critical Access hospitals. The goal is to assess the potential for remodeling the current facility versus cost of starting over with a new build project. Many critical issues to address are: meeting the needs of our current and future population, federal and state regulations, seamless and secure transfers of electronic medical records, constant upgrades in technology and diagnostic equipment, new safety standards as well as the increased demand for outpatient specialty clinics.

The history of George C. Grape Community Hospital, Hamburg, Iowa clearly reflects the mutually supportive relationship between the hospital and the residents of the area it serves. The original 10 bed hospital was built in 1921 by Miss Carrie F. Propp on a parcel of land located on the northwest corner of "L" and Bluff Streets in Hamburg, purchased with funds raised by the Community Club. By 1953 the hospital, which had grown to 27 beds, was about to be purchased by the Good Samaritan Society of the Evangelical Church as a home for the aged. In response to news of the proposed sale, area residents quickly raised $40,000 to purchase the hospital from the owner, Dr. R.C. Danley, and it remained in operation as Community Hospital, Inc. In December 1964, a former Hamburg resident, George C. Grape, donated $100,000 to Community Hospital, Inc. to be used for the construction of a new hospital and senior citizen housing unit on a parcel of land purchased with funds donated by Mrs. Miller M. Payne, Jr. Area communities joined in the fundraising effort, and on October 16, 1968, the new 84 bed facility moved to its present site on the north edge of Hamburg and became known as George C. Grape Community Hospital. The cost of a semi-private room was then $25 per day. The 1970s were a period of growth and prosperity for George C. Grape Community Hospital. Facilities and services were expanded, a cardiac care unit was installed, and the rate of inpatient occupancy remained high. The Extended Care Unit had to reduce the number of beds to 12 due to a shortage of beds in the Medical Wing. Federal Standards called for 8 physicians per county in the late 1970s. With the approach of the mid-1980s, however, federally mandated changes in the way hospitals were reimbursed for patient care led to widespread changes in the methods of health care delivery and payment. On September 9, 1988 George C. Grape Community Hospital filed for bankruptcy. Once again the residents and communities in the area demonstrated their support for the facility. The Grape Hospital Foundation was incorporated to direct the fundraising program and assist with the recruitment of additional medical staff. Due to the tremendous support of the Foundation, Hospital Auxiliary, area residents, and hospital employees that George C. Grape Community Hospital was able to overcome bankruptcy. The hospital was then converted to a Critical Access Hospital on July 31, 2001, meaning it would be a 25 bed facility. Critical Access Hospital's are intended to improve the hospital's financial performance and thereby reduce hospital closures. In 2008, it was decided the hospital needed a new and fresh look to the hospital and underwent a marketing revamp and changed many things about their appearance including their name to George C. Grape Community Hospital as to better reflect where the original name (George C. Grape Community Hospital) came from. To present day the hospital continues to add new services and state of the art technologies to provide and enhance services to their patients. Of these services are a well-equipped 24-hour Emergency Room, a Saturday Express Clinic, a Cancer Care Program, and visiting Specialists that travel weekly to the Outpatient Clinics. George C. Grape Community Hospital has overcome many obstacles in it's 89 years of service to the community and looks forward to bringing many more years of the same dedicated, professional service.

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