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Standing Ovation for Barlow at Ladies Night Out

HAMBURG, IA, May 21, 2012 - A standing ovation was given to Chandra Barlow who capped off the evening with an inspirational talk and a patriotic musical performance. Chandra's father Prem Barlow was instrumental in bringing her to Hamburg for the performance. Prem Barlow is the Director of Lab and Ancillary Services at George C. Grape Community Hospital. Chandra served four years in the US Air Force and now resides in Tucson, AZ and serves as a Tech Sergeant with the Arizona Air National Guard. She expanded her musical and theatrical talents by competing for and earning a coveted spot on the "Tops in Blue" performance team which entertained military troops stationed in thirty-two countries including Afghanistan and Iraq.

Over 80 participants turned out for the Ladies "Stepping Out" Night held May 18th at the Marnie Simons Elementary Gym in Hamburg. ( Check out all of the pictures for the evening on Facebook at "George C, George C. Grape Community Hospital".)

Pat Hendrickson, Auxiliary Vice President chaired the committee to help plan, promote and host the evening of education, shopping and entertainment. Hendrickson says the Auxiliary really appreciates the support of the vendors who came to promote themselves and area businesses that helped to provide the door prizes. "It turned out to be a really nice event and the support was great! We also hope more people are encouraged to volunteer with the Auxiliary annually."

Other highlights of the evening were seminars on Women's Foot Health By Dr. Andrew Stanislav and on Nutrition for Your Family and the changing American diet taught by GCGCH Dietitian Carol Stehlik.

Several volunteers helped model for a Summer Fashion show of with clothing and accessories provided by Sharon Sheldon of Sheldon's in Nebraska City and by Nancy Maher of the Mae Farmer Boutique in Shenandoah. Duane Koehlmoos of Browns Shoe Fit in Nebraska City showed several new shoe fashions and made a game out of guessing shoe sizes.

Joyce Paucek, Osteoporosis Specialist for Hologic, a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of medical imaging systems and surgical products shared some very personal stores about women with complications of osteoporosis. Paucek encouraged women not to wait until they are past repair to get a diagnosis and treatment.

Tiffany Lyons, GCGCH Outpatient Clinic Coordinator at George C. Grape Community Hospital shared the variety specialty clinics that are offered monthly in Hamburg. Nancy Buckalew, Business Manager and Jaylene Zanker, PA of the Medical Clinic PC shared with participants about the new staff at the Medical Clinic PC and their efforts to make serve more young families in Fremont and Mills counties in Iowa as well as patients from Atchison County in Missouri.

A variety of delicious, yet heart health appetizers were catered in by the Dietary staff at George C. Grape Hospital.

The Hospital Auxiliary women closed the evening with the drawing for door prizes and gifts sponsored by:

Stoner Drug, Tomboy Tools; Colonial Theater; Sheila Moore - 31 Bags, Teresa Woodard -Mary Kay; Birkby Corner Fitness; Deb Kubik Art and Jewelry; Megan Travis- Scentsy; Corner Cottage Flowers; Medical Clinic PC; and Mary Jane Laughlin -Avon.

Summer Fashion show - Nancy Johnson of Sidney models an elegant evening selection from Sheldons in Nebraska City.

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