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Community Health Needs Assessment - 2016

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Fremont County Health Needs Assessment Identifies Strengths and Weaknesses, and Gives Direction for Future.

Over the past several months, George C. Grape Community Hospital has gathered information from residents and stakeholders to build a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). This data was collected through a community health forum and health survey, for the purpose of identifying key strengths, weaknesses, and health concerns for citizens of Fremont County. Now, using this information, George C. Grape Community Hospital is preparing to finalize a set of health-related priorities to address through a Community Health Improvement Plan.\

The top health concerns identified by the community were mental health issues, obesity, and substance abuse. Additional concerns identified included water quality; health care transportation, and dental services. Fremont County's greatest strengths, as identified from the survey, were immunizations, primary care, and patient satisfaction. The survey identified the top notable weaknesses of the community from a health perspective as being local foods, community health education, and domestic abuse.

"By obtaining this data, our community organizations can identify the most pressing health related concerns of people within Fremont County," said George C. Grape Community Hospital C.E.O. Mike O'Neal. "And by identifying the concerns, we can take steps to address them in a meaningful way that can lead to improvements in the health and well-being of the entire community."

The information obtained from the Community Health Needs Assessment will help create the Community Health Improvement Plan, through which top community health concerns will be addressed.

"Through the community health improvement planning process, we put a plan in place to enhance and expand existing community programs, and if possible, to develop new programs to address the top health concerns." Mr. O'Neal added. "This is a great opportunity to develop community partnerships and put our resources to the best possible uses."

George C. Grape Community Hospital is in the process of planning meetings with community stakeholders to develop the improvement plan. In the meantime, the hospital's Community Health Needs Assessment report has been released, and is available for viewing at this link.
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Community Health Assessment Round #2

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