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Auxiliary Board Funds Family Room Furnishings

Posted on February 25, 2013

In times of great stress or sorrow, it is nice to find a quiet room to gather the family and close friends together. That is just what the Hospital Auxiliary members are helping to create at the George C. Grape Community Hospital. A private conference room has been furnished with large comfortable couches and chairs to accommodate families needing to discuss medical issues privately with physicians or just to get away to rest and relax for a bit.

At the February 12th auxiliary meeting the members presented Hospital CFO Hilary Christiansen with a check for $2500 for assisting with the new furnishings in the Family Room.

In other business Elaine Howard called the meeting to order and asked for the reading of the January 8 meeting minutes and the financial report.

Ruth Paper, Treasurer reported that the scholarship fund received one thousand one hundred dollars. The Marjorie Brown family sent one thousand dollars for the previous year and this year. A memorial donation of one hundred dollars for Homer Greenwood was received from Corinne Greenwood.

Each year the auxiliary selects five Healthcare Scholarship winners. The due date for the applications is April 1st. The auxiliary funds one five hundred dollar scholarship, and a second scholarship is funded from the Marjorie Brown memorial fund. Three additional five hundred dollar scholarships are funded by the Hospital Foundation. Paper reported all prior scholarship winners are doing well in their healthcare related studies and those funds are ready to be sent out.

Paper reported the net funds raised from the cookie walk were one thousand three hundred eighty two dollars, the Tree of Lights has a net of nine hundred ninety five dollars and membership fees totaled five hundred seventy six dollars. Marilyn Gude reported we now have 113 members. All these funds go to the hospital for projects and scholarships.

The hospital family room is well into the remodeling process. A door has been installed providing access to the room from the hallway. The room was previously a conference room off of the dining room. A new couch, chair and television have been added to the room. New drapes, tables and lamps will soon be added. This room will provide privacy for families when they have ill family members in the hospital. The auxiliary donated two thousand five hundred dollars to this project.

The gift shop is doing well. The office staff located at the reception desk are glad to help anyone wanting to look at or purchase items. Beverly Hendrickson, chairman of the gift shop is very appreciative of this help and the staff is glad to assist customers.

Mike O'Neal, Administrator was present to give a report. He commented that the annual meeting was very positive. The Hospital has had a positive year-end financial statement for the past three years. Auxiliary President Elaine Howard gave the shareholders a report of auxiliary activities for the year. Mr. O'Neal continues to interview physicians and has another interview scheduled for March.
O'Neal also reported that the Kornerstone Kids child care center continues to be evaluated for possible use by some hospital outpatient services, allowing for continuation of the day care and Head Start programs at the west end of the building. The auditors have reviewed this and feel this would be good for the hospital and the children's services. There are approximately 16 children enrolled in day care and 12 in the Head Start program. The Kornerstone Kids board of directors will have a fundraiser at the Blue Moon building on March 23.

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