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Hospital Foundation Raising Funds for Chemistry Analyzer

Posted May 14, 2013
"It is as exciting as that new car smell! Well, at least if you work in a hospital lab it is." laughs Premchand Barlow the Director of Laboratory and Ancillary Services at the George C. Grape Community Hospital. It is also exciting for our patients and their families who now have a shorter wait for lab results to come back.

The Hospital Foundation is helping to raise part of the $88,000 needed to pay for the new Siemens Dimension EXL. The system is an upgraded Chemistry analyzer which allows the laboratory at George C. Grape Community Hospital to expand the lab's tests menu. A number of tests which have been previously referred out to other labs will now be performed on this analyzer, thus providing a much faster turn-around-time for results. Tests from other analyzers in the laboratory have been consolidated on this one analyzer, which should prove to be more cost-effective by reducing operating expenses significantly. As more tests become available, pending approval and release from FDA, the lab will continue to add to the current menu.

For decades the George C. Grape Foundation Board has been an essential institution in Fremont County. They solicit new hospital shareholders, organize volunteers and raise funds to meet the needs of the non-profit hospital located in Hamburg. More information and donation forms can be found on-line at

Area residents can help the Foundation meet these goals in two ways. The first is to participate! They are always looking for new Hospital Shareholders who donate at least $100 to the hospital or to the foundation. The second way is to recruit new donors. We all have business contacts and friends outside of the county who would be willing to make a donation to the Hospital Foundation which is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. Share with others how important it is for you to keep the Critical Access Hospital here for local care. Many will be willing to help us out in little ways and sometimes in very substantial ways, but only if someone asks them first.

Ruth Paper of Hamburg is chairperson for the Golf Tournament and Benefit Auction to be held on June 1.

Even if you are not a golfer, you can participate at the benefit auction or just make a donation. Contact Ruth Paper at 712-382-2486 or any of the foundation members.

Members of the 2013 Foundation Board are: Charlie Zanker as President, Kent Claiborne as Treasurer, Mary Hansen as Secretary, Ruthie Paper as Golf Tournament Chairperson, Brian Kingsolver, Phil Kuhr, Halley Hunter, Becky Shull, John Long, Justin Ewalt, Steve Meyer, and Dennis Reilly.

Photo Caption: The Siemens Dimension EXL Chemistry Analyzer means new technology and greater speed for the George C. Grape Community Hospital. The Hospital Foundation is helping to raise funds for the new system. Pictured are Sherry Thompson, Maureen Cruth and Premchand Barlow.

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