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Foundation Meets to Select a Project for 2013 Golf Tournament

Excellent patient care as well as a modern facility for newly recruited physicians to work in, continues to be a high priority for the Foundation. At their February 25th board meeting, they made a second donation of $20,000 to replace flooring, build more efficient storage and install new technology in the patient rooms. They also voted to make the goal of their annual Golf Tournament to raise $44,000 for a new Chemistry Analyzer for the Laboratory.

In other business Charlie Zanker, President called the meeting to order and asked for the financial report. Kent Claiborne, Treasurer reported on a number of memorials and donations given in gratitude for the care and attention given by the staff.

Administrator's Report: O'Neal reported Lynda Cruickshank has been planning a "Building Foundation Capacity" retreat with other area hospitals. In March a consultant will provide training and there will be a Dinner at the Rapp Center in Shenandoah. Each board will get the opportunity to share something they do and network with other leaders.

O'Neal went on to report he got some additional estimates for the room refurbishment and options to make improvements that fit into the budget. He also reported the Board of Directors approved assuming the remaining mortgage on the daycare building which is on the hospital's property. The hospital will then own the building and lease back space to the daycare and Head Start entities.

Progress on the physician interview and visit were shared. A potential provider will be here on March 19th.

Golf Tournament Update:
Ruth Paper agreed to chair the tournament again this year and the date has been set for Saturday, June 1st at the Fremont County Golf Course. The Board voted to raise $44,000 towards the Lab Chemistry Analyzer. Paper is already working on letters and mailing lists.
Since there were too many teams last year it was decided that Paper would check into having some teams golf on Friday evening.

Becky Shull reported updated information on the opportunity to advertise on a Tee sign at hole #9 at the Fremont County Golf Course. The Foundation approved the new sign.

Dinner Theater Update: Cruickshank reported the committee met and recommended February of 2014 for the event. The suggested venue is Farragut at the Nishnabotna High School gym. Details of this will continue to be developed. The board wants to build this annual event as a time to recognize new donors and hospital shareholders.

Old Business: Names for new Board members were presented and voted upon. Two potential members were approved. Halley Hunter reported Tom Woodward extended an offer to participate on the Foundation Board as a non-voting member representative from the Board of Directors.

Current Board Members are:
Charlie Zanker President; Kent Claiborne, Treasurer; Mary Hansen, Secretary; Phil Kuhr; John Long;; Becky Shull; Ruthie Paper; Nancy Middaugh; Brian Kingsolver; Marvin Oakes; Dennis Reilly.

Non-Voting Members: Halley Hunter and Tom Woodward
Visitors: Mike O'Neal, CEO; and Lynda Cruickshank, Marketing/Development Director

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24 hours a day
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