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Southwest Iowa Home Health Services

Emergency Preparedness

Public Health Emergency Preparedness is responsible for all the planning activities that allow for a safe and prepared community.

Operating through a grant from the Iowa Department of Public Health, Public Health Emergency Preparedness develops plans and ideas to help protect the community against threats such as pandemic influenza, biological or chemical agent, and natural disasters.

Public Health Emergency Preparedness staff actively work with other community agencies to work towards good communication and the sharing of resources.

Important Resources

Iowa Department of Public Health
Iowa Department of Public Health - Center for Disaster Operations and Response (CDOR)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Iowa Department of Public Health - Bureau of EMS
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Emergency Preparedness and Response Page
National Library of Medicine - Anthrax Information
New York State Department of Health - Bioterrorism Information - Avian and Pandemic Flu Information
Protect Iowa Health

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